Fish shop & kitchen

The Fish shop & kitchen is not your average fish store. You can buy cooked meals to eat in or to take home, or you can buy semi-redy meals, in which case you cook the fish yourself at home to get the freshest fish experience

We also have a selection of sauces and dry goods – a great souvenir to take as a momentum of the visit to the fish shop.

Opening hours are from 12:00 to 21:00 Monday to Saturday. Closed on Sundays.


Assemble your meal

Choose your fish

Arctic Char

Choose your sides

Creamy barley
French fries
Sweet potato-swede mash
Baked root vegetables
Fried potatoe cubes

Choose your sauce

Garlic and parsley sauce
Tartar sauce
Tomato piri piri sauce
Hollandaise sauce
Horse radish sauce
Bernaise sauce
Teriyaki sauce

All meals are complimented with salad

Meals ISK 1.990

House specials

Fish & chips
with salad and tartar sauce
ISK 1.990

Fried cod toungues
with potatoes, salad and garlic sauce
ISK 1.990

Fish balls
with onion butter, potato cubes and tartar sauce
ISK 1.990

Buttery arctic char
with  baked root vegetables, hollandaise and salad
ISK 1.990

Fish stew sandwich
ISK 1.690

Langoustine roll
ISK 2.190

Fish soup
ISK 1.590

Eat in

We like serving a great meal. You can assemble your own meal or choose from our house specials. We are proud to welcome you to pop in anytime and try one of our delicious fish dishes in our little, cozy fish shop – you won´t regret it!

Take out

You choose your type of fish, sides and sauce to take out. We can cook the fish for you at the fish shop but for those who want the extra freshness, you can have the fish uncooked so you can cook it yourself at your apartment. It doesn’t get any quicker, faster or fresher than this!

A gift for the foodie

The true foodie always like getting food related gifts. We sell first class dry fish from the Westfjords, canned cod and monkfish liver (the ultimate delicacy of the sea according to the french) along with dried seaweed and sea salt flakes. Some of the products are considered to be superfood and the lovely packaging makes it an even nicer gift.