We love fish

Fish shop & kitchen in Reykjavík

Welcome to our new Fish Shop & Kitchen, located in Hagamelur 67, 107 Reykjavík, one of the city´s oldest neighborhood. In a trendy and cozy environment we offer fresh street food, to eat in or take out.

Opening hours: 12:00 – 21:00 Monday to Saturday

Our brand in retail

You can find our fresh fish product line in Hagkaup supermarket in Iceland, or at our Fish Shop & Kitchen in Reykjavík. Try our fresh fish fillets, fresh fish meals, sauces for fish, herring, omega3 fish oil, monk fish liver, dried cod for snacks and many others fish related products. Yes we love fish.

Dry goods

You can find our dry and canned goods in many of the best gourmet shops in Reykjavík. Visit Frú Lauga, Laugalæk 6, Vínberið, Laugarvegi 43 and our Fish shop in Hagamelur 67. These products have long storage life without having to be in cool storage. Easy for people on the move. Our dry goods are dried cod, dried haddock, sun dried seaweed, geothermal dried sea salt flakes and canned monk fish and cod liver. Healthy, practical super food.

Our Kitchen in the Westfjords

Our kitchen team at Fisherman hotel Westfjords is very proud for sourcing as many ingredients from inside town limits as possible. Why? This way we know exactly where the produce comes from, have a guarantee for absolute freshness, and on top of it support our neighbors. We love cooking wholehearted, which you can easily experience in the variety of our exciting meals.

The Kitchen in Westfjords is open from may 1st to October 1st,